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Returns & credits

Returns & credits

You can return the products you have ordered within 14 days of receipt. Please note, however, that the return shipping is paid for by the buyer and is not refundable. Below you will find a small list of exceptions to the assumption of costs or optional supplementary performance (e.g. if too little or too much was delivered).

Return costs are generally paid by the buyer

The buyer, i.e. you, bears the costs for the return. You can request a return at any time. As a rule, every return is approved by us without any problems, usually even if the return period has already been exceeded. We want to offer you the best possible service. A small list of when the costs will be covered can be found below. You will also find examples in which cases the return must be paid for by the buyer.

  1. The goods are no longer needed
    You can always change your mind. It's a shame because we only offer top quality and try to keep the prices as low as possible. Simply send back the products you have ordered - or alternatively just individual products that you do not like. You will then receive a credit or partial credit.
  2. You cannot find the goods as described
    We try to make all information as accurate as possible. Since it is well known that tastes are different, it may well happen that you do not like the goods. You can send the goods back. However, please note the information below on sealing.
  3. Other reasons
    You can send the goods back at any time without giving a reason. However, please note the information below on sealing.

The seller will assume the costs of the return

The costs for the return will only be covered if the conditions below can be proven to be met. In such cases, proof must be provided immediately and, if necessary, substantiated by means of a screenshot / photo / video.

  1. The goods are damaged
    In most cases, the packaging will also be damaged here. You should not accept the goods and leave a note for the deliverer. The shipment is then automatically returned to us. You will of course receive a replacement delivery or a payback.
  2. Short or excessive delivery
    Here it is possible that you have either received less or more than originally ordered.
    In the event of an excess delivery, we will completely take care of the reverse transaction.
    In the event of a short delivery, we will assume the costs for the complete replacement or, alternatively, a partial credit.
  3. Wrong delivery
    It is possible that you unexpectedly receive the wrong goods. But do not worry, in such cases we will of course also cover the return costs as well as the exchange or, alternatively, the reimbursement.

Please note, however, that a return that was wrongly accepted by us because you provided incorrect information will be deducted accordingly when credited. This means that we then only issue a partial credit minus the costs incurred.

Important note on returns

  • Please note that we only take back products for which the seal has not been broken. This means that the products must still be in their original packaging (unopened). If we discover that the products have already been used or opened, this may result in us not issuing a credit or reducing the value of the original order, so that you only receive a partial credit.
  •  You will receive the credit immediately after the goods have been returned and checked. Depending on the return and the workload, it can take up to 14 days. But you will always be informed. Credits are always made to the original means of payment. After consultation and validation, alternative means of payment can be used if necessary.


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